It’s along time since i have written anything on the website and of course it is usually when a horse has died, which unfortunately has happened again. Caffrey, after five vet visits, by four different vets, had to be put down due to a ruptured intestine and finally Peritinitus. He was an absolutely sweet-natures, pretty, dear little horse who came to us with a very bad reputation of bucking his riders off. After both Rachael and I came off him very severely in the car park, we realised that he had a cold back and needed to be mounted very gently,not much to ask. After that was established,we had to gain his confidence as he was very timid and nervous about being handled both in his stable and certainly out in the field, but like with all things, patience is a virtue and he got better and better and more trusting (even of the blacksmith). He taught a lot of people a lot due to the fact that you had to handle him with gentle skill and understanding. Rachael learnt to calm down with him, Yasmin gained confidence with him, Izzy developed skill with him,Jade trusted him, and many other people loved the safe, comfortable ride and jump he gave them. I, for my part, loved teaching him, patting him, watching him play with Jasper through the bars of his stable and seeing his pretty head craned round the stable wall every time I approached the yard.I miss him a lot already and although not a big character, and i only had him for 6 years, he taught me a lot about “cold backs”    and gave me a great deal of pleasure. Such a little “dinkpot”. sadly missed- Caffrey. like I always say, “Look after them while you can because the end can come very suddenly. 

On a happier note, I received some lovely letters, which have shown me what I already know, that this is a special place, with some     very special horses and a place where friendships can start and grow and help to give meaning and depth to our lives. Tears will be shed, but there is a great deal of laughter and happiness along the way. May it continue into 2014. Thank-you for my wonderful years at Bridge Farm so far and may they continue into the next year as well!


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